Creating a Coffee Area in your Kitchen

There’s usually more than one coffee fan in the family, and what better way to start your day than with a fresh cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. More people are becoming ‘coffee connoisseurs’, and you can have complete control over your cappuccinos, lattes and espressos with a dedicated coffee area in your kitchen.

A coffee machine, a grinder, a sink and a refrigerator can make the area work, and each of these play a crucial role in a coffee station. This is a luxury addition to a kitchen, and it will only work if you have enough space to facilitate the equipment. Take your kitchen, and the quality of your coffee, to the next level with a dedicated station, if you love freshly brewed coffee then you won’t regret it, and it is definitely going to impress your friends.

Vintage Kitchen Accessories

If you love traditionally styled appliances but enjoy modern conveniences, then you have to consider vintage kitchen accessories. A classic 70s toaster design includes simple round dials and a bubble body shape, while vintage colours include cream, olive green and bold red among others.

You don’t have to buy a whistling tea kettle to get that retro style, many electric kettles enjoy classic designs too, and these are kitted out with modern conveniences like anti-lime scale filters, 3000W power outputs and 2 litre capacities.

Classic weighing scales enjoy a retro dial display, and these will complement your other traditional kitchen accessories. If you begin to choose your appliances wisely and look out for retro shapes, you can begin to create a truly vintage kitchen theme, but it can be wise to make sure you pick your colours wisely.

White Gloss Wall and Base Units for a Contemporary Look

Many kitchens include white gloss wall and base units, and that’s because they’re contemporary, easy to clean, and they create a very smooth kitchen design. These units can spread the fresh daylight yet they also complement a range of colours.

Glossy units can look nice in small and large kitchen spaces, and we recommend you use bold colours alongside the units to get create a cheery, eye-catching look. Solid oak flooring can add to the look, while modern appliances like built-in fridges and freezers can make your kitchen feel more high-tec, and granite style work surfaces can complete the clean and contemporary feel.

Most modern kitchens include glossy units, and many people have said goodbye to those traditional wooden panelled units, so make sure you keep up to speed and consider the glossy upgrade if you want something clean, modern and fresh.

How to Look After your Kitchen Knives

If you’ve invested in some quality knives, then it’s important to look after them, and there are plenty of different ways to do this. A knife block is always handy to put in your drawer, and if possible, you should have a draw dedicated to your knives, and they should always be cleaned and dried thoroughly before you slot them into place.

It’s also really beneficial to ‘steel’ your knives regularly, and you need to sweep the blade of the knife with the steel so the whole blade comes into contact. You only need to do this 10 times on each side, and this is a task you should carry out every couple of months.

To make your blade last longer, cut on wooden boards rather than glass or marble, and try not to be too forceful when you’re slicing. You’ll then maintain the condition of your knives and make them last a lot longer in the process.

What can a Centre Island do for your Kitchen?

Many spacious, modern kitchens include a centre island, and while it can make your kitchen space more practical, it can also be used as a breakfast bar, a food preparation area or just another storage area, depending on your needs.

Usually, the centre island will match the various wall and base units you have in your kitchen, whilst work surfaces tend to look the same for uniformity, and you can incorporate sinks, ovens, a grill or a fridges into the centre island if you want an practicality, but you must always leave enough room to get around the kitchen between the work surfaces.

If you don’t really have the space for a centre island then it’s best to reject the idea, because it can end up being a bit of a nuisance, and that’s the last thing you need if you’re an enthusiastic cook.

Quality Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring should always be easy to wipe, mop and maintain, and there are many different types of flooring to consider when you’re redecorating your kitchen. Stone or slate flooring can be rather expensive, and it can pick up stains but it does add value, and a luxury style to your home.

Laminate flooring and vinyl kitchen flooring are both low cost options, and there different styles to choose between. The only problem is they can ‘feel cheap’, and you’re essentially installing fake tiles or fake oak flooring in your home.

Solid oak is the real deal, but of course it can be pricey. You can finish these boards in a colour you’re happy with, whilst they can be sanded down and retreated over the years, yet they only develop more character as the years go on.

Ceramic floor tiles are another popular option, and you can choose between various textures, colours and patterns to get an extra special look. You must remember that you need a solid concrete base before laying the tiles, otherwise they can crack quite easily.

AGA Ovens – A Unique Style

Not every oven looks the same, and you certainly get a unique style with an AGA oven. These have a classical style that you don’t often see nowadays, and they’re also known as range cookers. There is a comprehensive range of colours to choose between, so it’s easy to find one that matches the tones in your kitchen.

You can choose a range cooker with two, three and five ovens, while there are no switches or dials to master, so they’re incredibly easy to operate. You can have so many different elements of a fantastic meal ‘on the go’ and many amateur and professional chefs have never looked back after purchasing an AGA oven.

For the complete works, you can choose an oven with a boiling plate, a simmering plate, a roasting oven, a simmering oven, a baking oven and a heat source/control panel. You’ll then have everything you need to make fantastic dishes, and a timeless style that will impress for years to come.

The Heart of your Home

The kitchen is usually the most important room in a home, and that’s why we’re dedicating our entire blog to kitchen appliances, designs and accessories. Whether you own a small apartment in a town centre, a cute country cottage in the Highlands or a studio apartment in a city centre, your kitchen is area is important and there are plenty of designs and accessories to choose between.

Depending on your unique personality, you may opt for a country kitchen design, a high-tech state of the art kitchen space, or a traditional kitchen kitted out with vintage appliances and accessories. Of course, while the look and feel of your kitchen is important, practicality is important too, and no matter how large or small your kitchen is, it needs to be highly practical.

Many people would accept that your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the one room every member of the family uses on a daily basis, and many modern kitchens are now exciting living spaces in their own right, so the options are limitless and we’re going to keep you up to date with the latest kitchen concepts.